AdamRemote Automation Tool

Too many manual IT remote operations?Automation IT Tasks and processes
Remote Automation Solutions
Automate series of tasks on any remote computer. Adam it is a FREE tool that will help to solve all your automation tasks by execute programs, scripts and any tasks on remote machines.

IT can now execute tasks better, faster and more efficiently.
DevOps and QA tasks never seems easier with Adam Tool.

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Key benefits

  • Automate many of the time-consuming tasks
  • Increase IT agility and response time
  • Reduced cost of IT operations with automation of common tasks and processes while improving quality
  • Agentless
  • No Installation
  • No programming required - Write a remote automation tasks on XML format
  • Readable script and accessible to future changes and maintenance
  • Execute process remotely on Windows and Linux machines
  • More than 40 build-in commands
    (Remote Files, Network Tools, Jenkins, Nexus, AWS, VMware, Databases, OS Services, and more...)
  • Quick support and software updates

Windows, Linux, Jenkins, Nexus, AWS, S3, EC2, VMware, MS-SQL, Oracle DB, MySQL, FTP, Net